Quirky & Contemporary

Artists' Gallery is home to a collective of
eight top South African  artists

Contact Marke: 082 818 4552 or Diane 082 495 9810

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 9a.m. - 4p.m.

Artists’ Gallery is a quirky yet contemporary art gallery situated in the heart of Ramsgate on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast.

The Gallery is both the inheritor and the torchbearer of a tradition of artistic excellence that stretches back to the mid 1970's when this space was first established as a gallery by South African art icon, the late Errol Boyley.

The Gallery is situated on the main road running through the seaside village between landmark longstanding restaurants: Crayfish Inn and Lobster Pot.

Names like world renowned portrait painter Rob Wareing, painter Anton Benzon, painter Diane Erasmus, sculptor & photographer Marke Meyer, sculptor & foundry owner Michael Cañadas, painter Claudia Plunkett (grand daughter to the late Errol Boyley), water-colourist Grant Wood and pencil/charcoal artist Christine Lamberth are all represented in this space.

What makes this Gallery unique is the fact that this is a ‘living space’ where a collective of eight top South African artists have come together to exhibit, paint, sculpt and interact with their customers and interested people on a personal level.

The welcoming front ‘stoep’ (veranda), which runs the width of the entire gallery is the first thing to greet one. Here quirky tables and chairs carrying daily newspapers, off the wall art magazines and teapots filled with freshly picked flowers beckon one to take a closer look. This sunny stoep is where art buyers, friends, fellow artists and general  ‘aan hangers’ are welcome to stop by for a cup of coffee, slice of something decadent or just ‘shoot the breeze’ (or as artist Anton Benzon says, "sort out the entire world’s problems").  
Very often well known musicians, actors and writers are also to be found warming their toes in the sun chatting or reading.

"We base this Gallery on trust and integrity – all the artists are friends and have the utmost respect for each other. I think this rubs off on anyone who comes within the space," says bronze sculptor Marke Meyer.

Once inside the gallery a sense of calm and respect for the individual artists prevails. These well known artists, exhibit their work in this clean and uncluttered space.  
A  wonderful and unique aspect of this gallery is that one or more of the artists’ themselves are usually in attendance which provides a great opportunity to chat with him or her directly.
Useful pamphlets, art magazines, art DVD’s, beautiful printed art greeting cards and information on the individual artists are also to be found in this special space.
Well known artist Di Erasmus conducts weekly art classes at the gallery and so the smell of fresh paint, laughter and freshly ground coffee proliferates. 
Regular art 'Demonstrations' take place monthly - with guest artists invited to give two hour demos to both amateur and professional up and coming artists. 

Artists' Gallery is definitely worth a stop on your travels – you will be pleasantly welcomed and if you don't acquire a beautiful piece of art you will at least leave having learnt a thing or two about art…if not the world!


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