Anton Benzon

Anton Benzon is one of South Africa's leading impressionists. His work reflects a harmonious balance between style, composition and colour, brilliantly portraying the warmth and tranquility of the South African landscape.

"Painting is what I do. I strive to capture the essence of the South African landscape and people.

"Life is one long struggle. To live knowing that you will never be satisfied is the curse of an artist. At the same time, it is this struggle that is the driving force.

"Painting is never easy. Every time you think you are about to achieve what you set out to, you realise how much further you still have to go. There is always something just beyond your reach.

"An artist needs this endless struggle to keep striving to satisfy his soul."

South African artist, Anton Benzon's travels between Johannesburg, the Western Cape, Zimbabwe, and KwaZulu Natal have provided him with a deep love of the Southern African landscape and a rich source of inspiration for his renowned work.

As the son of well known artists Johan Oldert and Elize Laidler, Anton was born to paint. From his friend and mentor, Titta Faschiotti, Anton developed a strong passion for art that has led to him being hailed as one of the leading impressionists in South Africa.

Anton's paintings are sold in galleries throughout South Africa, and can be found in many prestigious and private collections in South Africa and abroad.

Palmiet Nature Reserve

900 x 600mm

Blue Skies Through the Trees

300 x 400mm


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Blauklippen Cottages

250 x 350mm

Sunnyside, Clarence

250 x 350mm

Beyond Prince Albert

300 x 400mm

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