Marke Meyer - Sculpture

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Marke Meyer is a sculptor, photographer, multi-media and visual artist.

He was born in Kokstad, spent his childhood in the mountains of Lesotho and matriculated from Westville Boy's High School in 1981. 

He studied for a B.Sc. Agric. (Hort) and graduated in 1987. He then opened his own wholesale nursery business which he ran successfully for eighteen years.

During all these years he studied art privately with his passion being in all things figurative. Sculpture and photography became his tools to explore the human figure. With growing success as an artist he was finally able to sell the horticultural business and set out on a career as a full time artist.

SCULPTURE: "Figures fascinate me...especially the female figure. The energy present between me and the model becomes the breath of life in my work. I am inspired by the infinite possibilities of form achieved through using a variety of figures in a multiplicity of poses. The human body, either in frenetic movement or caught at rest, remains my only playground."

According to this multi-talented artist the practical knowledge of mould-making is essential to complete a sculptor's skills. He makes all his originals in modelling clay using live models as reference. He is happy working in any scale from hand-held pieces to life size. These fragile pieces are then cast in bronze. His work harks back to antiquity which is evident in both his sculpture and photographic work.

Marke Meyer's work is available for sale in many South African galleries.

Your Breath, Your Thoughts & Your Tempered Dreams

                                                                           Suspended Bronze (all accessories supplied)
                                                                                       Size: 0.38 x 0.49m x 1.15m
                                                                                                     Mass: 33kg 
                                                                                                  Price: R125 000



Finding my Feet

1.43m x 1m x 0.86m

Bronze suspended by a stainless steel cable

R 145 000




All of Me

Size: 98 X 35 X 95cm; 
Mass: 54kg
Selling price: R95 000


Bianca's Dream (reworked)
(One left)

Size: 83cm x 25cm x 55cm;
Mass including plinth: 24.5kg figure: 10kg
Selling price: R95000